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5 Innovative Technologies That Have Become A Significant Disruptor


The innovations on planet earth are reaching new pinnacles every year. Almost 30 years ago no one would have imagined the plethora of possibilities that the internet has provided today. Technology is advancing and also disrupting our lives. As we move ahead in time, various such technologies have become prevalent and are here to make a change. The following 5 innovative technologies will have a significant impact on our lives.

IOT and 5G

Mobile devices have become an essential part of humankind. Instead, it has become an indispensable part of our lives. To make it even better the 4G broadband network will be replaced with 5G. Top companies are now introducing the 5G technology in cities of the US and China. While we wait for the transformation about to happen through 5G, there is still the Internet of Things (IOT) that keep us going. This technology keeps us connected through the internet, and it has already created numerous job opportunities. Moreover, a lot of industries are already using IoT, for instance, the travel and tourism companies. Even IoT is being used to run the smart home devices and mobile payment apps.

AI and Blockchain

With the advancement of technology, there is also a downside to it in terms of security. A lot of operations are relying on the internet which also makes it more vulnerable. If we do not look into the safety of these aspects, then we might have to face threat of data. This is where AI and blockchain come into the picture. AI is being used these days to predict the threat and evaluate any potential risks. With the help of this, it is possible to steer clear from any data attacks. The best part about AI is that it teaches itself and corrects the mistakes as it goes on. Likewise, blockchain has made it possible to improve cybersecurity. There have been a lot of fraudulent cases, and blockchain helps in guarding against these threats.

Renewable Energy Initiatives

Over the years, we have also witnessed technology that is supporting eco-friendly choices. For instance, some cars run on electricity which results in lesser consumption of fuels. Gasoline-powered vehicles are becoming expensive to maintain, and the public is also demanding for a cheaper alternative. Moreover, if we keep consuming all the fuels, then there won’t be much left for the next generations. This is why renewable energy initiatives are indeed needed to make a difference in the way we use energy. Moreover, there are solar energy parks that are being constructed worldwide so that we can use natural and sustainable sources of energy. This is a significant breakthrough in technology.

Virtual Reality

The concept of virtual reality has already been used in Harvard Classrooms. Professors can be miles apart and still deliver an interactive lecture to a class through VR.  The concept of telepresence is encouraged so that people from different regions can experience conferences or meetings as if they are present there. The virtual world is undoubtedly a massive innovation as this will allow students to take study places that are hard to reach and even dangerous. They can carry out their research while sitting remotely and thus preventing themselves from any hazard.

3D Printing

A lot of industries these days are switching to 3D printing. Moreover, it is an up-and-coming industry that will grow into becoming a huge success in the coming years. Industries such as IT and the medical and healthcare sectors are reaping the benefits of 3D printing.

Thus, technology has advanced tremendously over the years, and it has opened up a lot of opportunities while making our lives comfortable. There is technology that is designed to improve the living conditions and enhance our lifestyles specifically. At the same time, concepts like blockchain help in securing our online transactions and the like.


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