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What To Do With A Broken/ Damaged Iphone


You have now lost your iPhone. It happens. Look around. Every day, many people break their iPhones. Although they may have metal in their case, glass plays an important role in the interface and is easy to break. It is also easy to break an iPhone with liquids. Maybe your iPhone decided to go natural. There are many ways that a smartphone can die. The time to get a new iPhone might come when you least expect.

Your old iPhone doesn’t have the end of its story. You can still do useful and creative things with your iPhone even if it’s broken. We have options to help you keep your iPhone safe, no matter how broken or damaged. You could get a new iPhone or help pay for the repair of your old one.

It can be sold as a part

Although your iPhone may not be of much value to you due to its condition, there are still people willing to pay a lot for it. Although you cannot expect it to be sold for the same price as a functioning iPhone, eBay shows that you can sell a non-functional iPhone for parts for a good amount of money which you can use to purchase a replacement phone. You might be able to sell any parts of your iPhone that are still functional and make another working iPhone.

This brings us to an important point. It is important to make sure you don’t sell your iPhone with any personal information. It might not be a good idea to sell your iPhone if it is completely dead and you cannot delete any of your data. If the hard drive can be wiped, you should do it.

It can be recycled

You can recycle your iPhone if you want to earn some eco-friendly brownie points. Although you won’t make much money from this route, it will allow you to be more relaxed about the possibility of your data being stolen. Apple recently demonstrated a robot called Liam that can take apart and recycle 1.2 Million iPhones each year. This is the easiest way to get your iPhone back.

You can also ask your mobile provider to help you find a legitimate recycling facility. You’ll be safer selling your iPhone to someone who isn’t familiar with it. However, there may be some very harmful chemicals in your iPhone so make sure you don’t just throw it in the trash.

Remind yourself of your mistakes

If it was not your friend Pete or Sue that destroyed your iPhone, you might consider keeping the device to remind yourself to avoid making the same mistake with any replacement phone. The broken phone could be framed so that it is visible every time you go outside. Perhaps you could place it on your kitchen table so that you can see it every morning at breakfast and dinner. You might also remind yourself of the error in the morning, and then congratulate yourself at the end of each day if the phone is still working.

It can be used for a drop test and recorded.

This is the one for you if your phone was soaked in water, which fried the circuitry but left the chassis intact. You should check out drop test videos online before purchasing a new smartphone. Consumers can get a clear idea of the durability of a phone by using drop tests.

They generally test the phone from the heights that they would fall from during regular use, such as their waist-height or head-height. Although the drop test will not show if the phone’s guts can withstand the fall, it will demonstrate if the screen and case can withstand the impact. You might be able make some money if you have a YouTube channel that pays you to record your drop test. Drop test videos can be viewed millions of times.

It can be converted into a wallet

Here’s a clever solution for iPhone owners who have unfortunately broken their device. Your iPhone’s contents may have been damaged by drops into water or hard rocks, but that doesn’t mean you should throw away the incredible design of the chassis. You can convert an iPod Touch broken into a wallet using Instructables. Depending on the model of your iPhone, this may be possible. Why not try? It’s already broken.

Are you still looking for ideas to repurpose an iPhone that is damaged but still usable? These suggestions work well for iPhones with cosmetic damage that is enough to warrant a replacement, but still have some functionality.

Keep an emergency phone handy

You may need to replace your iPhone if it isn’t working properly. However, if it can make a call, you shouldn’t throw it away. You can still make emergency calls with the old phone if you transfer your SIM/service from the damaged phone. It’s possible that this ability could prove useful in the future. It can be kept in your car, on your boat or in your home. You can store your iPhone in any location you feel it would be useful to have an emergency communication line.

For wild nights, have a smartphone

This might be the right option for you if you enjoy partying and getting a little rowdy. This is how the iPhone broke in the first place. It’s a good idea to keep your broken iPhone as a backup device in case of minor damage. You can make calls through Siri or normal phone calls. You can use this method for those who have a SIM phone. The SIM card will be taken out of your main smartphone and inserted into the broken iPhone. This will transfer the mobile service. It doesn’t matter if you drop it or spill beer on it.

It can be made into a server

This is a practical use for an iPhone that may be a bit more complicated than you would like. You can use the iPhone as a mini-server if you are tech-savvy. The iOS app ServersMan is already available in the App Shop and will help you set it up. This app could be useful if you need to access your files on the move, especially if you have to replace your iPhone with one that has less storage. Learn more about how to convert your iPhone into an internet server.

Go Wabi-Sabi Kintsugi style

You might consider your iPhone’s screen a web of broken glass, but it still functions. This is a great opportunity to make your phone into an art piece. Kintsugi, an art form that uses broken objects to make them more beautiful, emphasizes the damage. We won’t go into the Buddhist underpinnings, but we will focus on how cool it looks.

Iphone Screen Repair Melbourne : If your iPhone screen has cracked, contact a professional iPhone repair centre to have it repaired or replaced. There are some things you need to consider before you give your iPhone over.


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