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Unique Uses: 5 Unusual but Rewarding Ways to Use the Cloud


Most businesses nowadays have a cloud disaster recovery service, complete with data backup in the cloud. However, there’s far more you can do with cloud computing than simply backing up and securing your data. Of course, backup, security, and rapid disaster recovery should be your top priorities, but the following unusual uses of cloud computing can also be incredibly rewarding:

1. Find parking spaces with ease

Many cities, shopping centers, and universities around the world are taking their parking systems to the cloud. All you need is the right app to check for available parking spaces and book and pay for your desired spot. Some apps even allow you to top up your parking meter from the app rather than having to dash back to your car if a meeting runs long. 

2. Share client proposals

Whether you’re meeting in person, over the phone, or via video conference, it can be highly beneficial to share your proposal with clients via the cloud. When you all have access to the same cloud-hosted proposal, it’s easy to ensure everyone’s on the same page – literally. 

The cloud enables you to go as high-tech as you want with your proposals. For example, a builder could create complete virtual walkthroughs of their proposed projects. Your seamless use of cutting-edge technology is sure to impress clients and help you stand out above competitors who are still relying on print-outs and PowerPoint slides. 

3. Enjoy endless musical inspiration

Whether you’re into nature sounds, classical music, techno, or house, you can enjoy near-infinite music storage in the cloud. Your motivational playlist never has to run dry with the cloud ensuring you can always find the musical inspiration you need to get the job done. 

From Google Play to the Amazon Cloud Player, you have plenty of options for storing and playing music via the cloud. Most platforms offer free and versatile services with an astonishing amount of storage. For example, Google Play offers users up to 50,000 tracks. 

4. Care for your pet remotely

While you’re usually always home in time to feed your beloved pet, life isn’t always predictable. You might have to work late on an urgent project, you may have to meet your kid’s teacher after school, and any number of other things might arise. Thankfully, the cloud can help keep your pet happy and well-fed. 

Smart pet feeders can sync to your smartphone and be controlled via the cloud. So, if you want to head out for impromptu after-work drinks or stay late to finish up a project, you can do so without guilt. Simply activate the feeder, and it will ensure your pet doesn’t go hungry while you’re out. 

5. Host video content

While you certainly can host content on your website via popular video-sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo, the cloud offers even more options. From DaCast to JWPlayer, there are dozens of reputable cloud-based video hosting platforms. 

You can opt for live or on-demand video streaming, and each platform offers its own string of benefits. Compared to sites like YouTube, you’ll generally get far more support, with most cloud video streaming platforms offering 24/7 tech support. Pricing is reasonable, and some platforms allow you to monetize your videos. 

Get the most out of your cloud computing service by trying out these odd but beneficial cloud-based activities. From musical motivation to pet care and attention, the cloud can deliver as many benefits in your personal life as it can in your professional life. 


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