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Let’s take a closer look at the wide variety of accessories you could use with the Osmo by DJI!


DJI has launched the Osmo series, which in the truest sense means that the future of filmmaking is here. With the Osmo by your side, you can unleash the power to create high-quality, cinematic video and photographic footage, in the palm of your hands, quite literally. It’s essentially a camera, stabilized gimbal, and a hand grip, all in one. It records 4k videos quite effortlessly, but the coolest thing about this device is that it isn’t really a camera. You can see this product being marketed as an action camera, but in reality it’s much more than that.

So, the Osmo is launched by the most reputed drone giant “DJI.” You could ask anyone in the digital media industry what is DJI known for, and they will reply ‘drones’ in a heartbeat. That reaction is anything but surprising, given their dominance in the global drone market. They launched Osmo with the idea of a handheld camera that records 4K videos and captures photos like never before. So, if you want a camera whose usage is like a breeze and keeps your footage seamlessly smooth, you need to bring home the DJI Osmo today. Rise Above Custom Drone Solutions is one of the tier1 authorized suppliers of DJI drones in Australia and at the most affordable prices. They are known for providing high quality products along with the greatest level of drones support all across Australia.

Accessories that are worth using with your Osmo

You could be wondering that it’s odd for a drone company like DJI drone to be producing devices like handheld cameras, but in reality, they essentially share the same technology. Using the Osmo is super smooth and convenient, given that the camera is handheld and has a sturdy frame which helps to hold your phone in place. DJI allows its consumers to customize their Osmo with a wide variety of tools and accessories. Each of the accessories helps to enhance the functionality of Osmo, and makes this whole system one of the most flexible filmmaking devices in the market.

  • Microphones: If you are the lookout to up your audio game, you could plug these microphones into the front of your gimbal handle. This external microphone input helps to give the camera users a high quality, clear audio.
  • Mounts: DJI’s range of mounts helps to keep the camera steady, whether it’s on a surface, or on a car, or even attached to a bike. The mount base has three super powerful suction cups which helps the Osmo to securely attach to any smooth surface.
  • Lighting: You can achieve any level of lighting you are looking for, thanks to the attachable light that comes as an accessory of the Osmo. It comes as an easy to attach, compact light which will improve the lighting no matter which kind of a photo you are trying to capture.
  • Battery: If an hour’s time is not enough for you to take your perfect roll of photos, DJI offers extra batteries which you could add to extend the Osmo’s battery life. These batteries are designed to give the users more shooting time and are perfect for shooting a time lapse.
  • Extension rod: If you are on your way to reaching the distance your camera can reach, you can easily attach an extension rod to your Osmo. This rod gives the users much more freedom to take shots from higher angles.
  • Tripod: If you want to turn the Osmo into a secured, sedentary, filmmaking tool which could shoot, on almost any surface, all you need is a tripod. The tripod is easily portable, and can be carried with you, anywhere and everywhere.

So, the Osmo gives the users quite a few opportunities to upgrade and customize its system, with the help of such accessories. You can capture the exact shot that you want, including time-lapse and panorama modes. All you need is a bag to throw your Osmo into, and let it take you on an unforgettable adventure.



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