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Legislation For Cyber Protection For Us Passed


On Thursday this week, the representative of White House passed the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) which would protect business and agencies in the country against cyber attacks. Mike Roger, chairman of House Intelligent Committee said cyber foraying from countries like Russia and China is making computers of the country vulnerable to foreign attack.

The Act saw mixed reviews from different personals. Critically, it was regarded as a measure allowing companies to pass on public data with the federal government, gnawing the liberties of public. There was a veto threat in the passing of this legislation but ultimately it would enhance the cyber defense of the country and improve citizen’s safety, stated by Dean Garfield, head executive of a leading technology trade association, the Information Technology industry council. Facebook, Microsoft, AT&T and Verizon are market supporters of CISPA. Members of the internet group of hacktivists used Twitter to raise their voices against the passing of this bill.

The White House under President Obama said there are insufficient limitations in the bill over exchange of personal identity data between private entities and lack in sufficient supervisions required to ascertain that the information will be utilized only for earmark purposes. Joe Barton of Texas Republican voted against the bill as it does not safeguard the privacy of American citizens and erodes the liberties of the public which will become a greater threat to the democracy and cyber freedom of America. Rainey Reitman, Activism director of Digital rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation, opposed the bill saying that such mistily phrased cyber protection bills permit online companies to ring road the law and transfer delicate personal information to the government.

This means government will have the right to peep into your messages, chats, web history and forum postings over Facebook etc. and will keep a record of whatever you do over internet. As the language used in this protection bill is quiet loose, this gives government a right to access your personal information even if you are not a child pornographer or a cyber criminal. As on one side this protection bill will safeguard the computer systems from foreign cyber attacks, it will also hamper privacy of every individual using the internet in the country. Although the CISPA has passed the House of Representatives but the fight is not yet over regarding this issue, sources anonymous.

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