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Immediate Things to Do After Buying Any Used Phone!


Smartphones are a matter of necessity nowadays! You just can’t survive without it! Everything ranging from your shopping to entertainment (and everything in between) has been brought into one place through a smartphone. And the varieties of them available are just tempting too. There are numerous new mobiles launched each year by different companies. Each of them exceeding the other in terms of features and looks. But not all of us can grab those fresh pieces directly off the market! 

For the ones who couldn’t afford the latest pieces or don’t want to by any chance, a second hand mobile does the needful. Most of us are happy after our purchase, as we search for the one in excellent condition and with maximum new features that we can get and pay just half or even less the amount spent on a new phone (because it’s been used for some time). Even these pre-owned smartphones serve the purpose well, and therefore are considered as the best option to own a smartphone by lots of people who don’t prefer to burn a huge hole in the pocket just for a phone. 

A List of Things to Do After You Buy a Second Hand Mobile.

There is a lot to be done after you get your hands on a used smartphone. You want to make sure of getting the best out of your latest gadget! Let’s see what are those needful things to do:

  • Necessary Repair — Though you check almost everything in a used smartphone before buying it, but there are bound to be some issues in it. It has been used by the previous owner, and there may be some problems in it. Or when you got it for a steal deal, then you perhaps bought it even though you were aware of a few problems (which you thought would be easy and economical to rectify rather than investing in a new phone). In both these cases, you should be taking your smartphones, even your iPhone for Repair in Auckland at IRepair Company. They can repair all sorts of smartphones in the least possible time, and even charge a very reasonable amount for the same. They’ll tend to all the issues in your smartphone and your phone would work just like a new, fresh one!
  • Cleaning and SIM Installation— Cleaning of the phone is also vital when it’s a used one. Make sure to open it and clean it with a soft and dry cloth. Give a little more attention to its glass, as it may have those spots on it that can be really tough to remove. After this, insert the SIM and memory card and check if it’s working properly.
  • Factory Reset — It’s not possible for you to delete each and every file or app that the phone may have. Though the previous user would have deleted all his personal details and accounts, but you never know if some of those are left in the phone that may affect your use on it. It’s therefore necessary to go for factory reset and clean up the whole system. You’ll have to log in from the start again and commence everything afresh!
  • Change its Entire Look — Your smartphone may be having certain scratches on it because of the previous usage, it’s time to hide those. (Obviously you can’t clean or paint over it!) Go for a trendy cover that’ll make it look smarter and brand new! Also, put up a gorilla glass on its glass surface. This will add into its glossy new look and also as a safety feature. Now on one can guess your phone is used one!
  • System Update — There are certain updates of software on each phone. These ensure that the user gets access to all new features and apps that are being introduced almost on a daily basis on the Internet. For better and faster use of your smartphone, check the system updates available in the settings menu and download the same. Once this one is downloaded, you can enjoy all the latest introduced software even on a phone that was launched years back.
  • Personalise your Phone — The phone belongs to you now! It’s your personal space (almost), and you can use it in any way you like. Go for downloading various attractive wallpapers or put up your picture on the display screen. Download all the essential applications that you require. Log into your various social media and other accounts and start using your new phone with a bang!   

With all the above steps done, your phone would work rapidly just like a new phone does. And with the revamped look of it, it would even look fresh! Thus, you can enjoy all the benefits of a fresh phone even by paying much less.


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