Home Technology Home Automation – Our Immediate Future In Technology

Home Automation – Our Immediate Future In Technology


Technology is a dominant force in our daily lives. This includes shopping, chores at home, work, transport, and so on. One of the most recent technologies is home automation. It allows us to control lights, fans and appliances like refrigerators, doors ovens, stoves, dishwashers, TVs, and music. You can control your home from any location and at any hour using technologies such as GSM and android applications, web pages, cloud and the Internet of Things. It reduces human effort. The home automation technology can also be used to save time and energy by controlling your home’s equipment automatically.

1. Voice assistants

The Echo smart speaker introduced voice assistant Alexa, which revolutionized the home automation and smart home space. There was much talk about the integration of almost all smart home devices with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. Many companies have unveiled products with smart assistants integrated directly into them. The Lenovo Smart Screen is a voice-controlled device that integrates a Google Assistant. It makes it easier to work and helps you live smarter. It can do everything a Google Home, Google Home Mini and Google Home can do. The announcements regarding Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility were also made. This refers to the ability to connect smart home devices to the voice assistant via smart hubs.

2. Monitoring of air and water:

There were also announcements about smart air monitors, water leak detectors, and other topics. Elexa Consumer Products, which makes high-tech electrical components announced the launch Guardian. This is the first water leak prevention system without the need for installation tools. The system uses an autonomous valve controller and individual water leak detectors to detect leaks from flooding or drips. Airthings is a global leader for accurate and simple-to-use radon gas detectors. They have launched Airthings Wave which monitors three essential components of air. These are volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that refer to harmful chemicals found in indoor environments as a result of sprays, paints, and other products. The monitor tracks the house’s air quality by measuring temperature and humidity.

3. Security Systems

CES saw the debut of new technologies that allow users to control their devices using voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. These include locking doors, watching video footage, and controlling lights. RCA, a well-known brand in the consumer electronics sector, has announced the launch of its WiFi camera system as well as WiFi doorbell camera. Wi-Fi doorbell cameras allow homeowners to talk to their visitors anywhere they are using an RCA security mobile application. It operates on a secure wireless network. The app uses a personalized field of motion to eliminate false alarms. The camera is also certified for outdoor use and has a 180-degree field view.

The RCA Wi-Fi HD security cam system uses USB to power and can be controlled via the RCA Wi-Fi app from a smartphone. EZVIZ, a global brand for smart home security, introduced a WiFi video doorbell, DB1, and a new wireless battery-powered camera kit called the C3A+W2D at CES. The 3MP lens of DB1 allows users to see all visitors from 180 degrees. The W2D base station is included with the new kit, as well as a C3A Wi Fi camera. This camera can be powered by a battery. The C3A can be placed wherever you want it to, and operates independently. The C3A’s wide-angle view and excellent night vision features allow for full day and night protection.



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