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5 Things Ed-tech Companies Can Learn From Byju’s Success


The ways and means of education have changed with the advent of technology. Online education has changed every aspect of learning, from regular education to distance education. We also see more edtech companies joining the market due to the increase in virtual education. Essentially, Ed-tech companies offer educational services to students through platforms. BYJU’S holds more than half of the market share. These are the steps you should take if you want to have the same success as BYJU’S.

Education and classroom methods must change.

The shift in education mode has brought about many changes, as we have already mentioned. Online education offers many more courses than colleges, and students can take specialization courses to learn more. Online education refers to the learning process that involves the use of the internet and modern devices. Online education companies offer quality education for affordable prices, so students are not assessed on the same basis as in the classroom. Because schools don’t meet their learning needs, students need a fresh approach to education. Ed-Tech is responsible for providing students with complete satisfaction. A technique that is similar to the classroom assessment performed by teachers can be used to assess students. To give students the correct comment, the classroom assessment requires a lot expertise in the subject matter.

Generating SEO content

Although it may seem easy to generate SEO, it is not. It takes a lot of effort to create SEO keywords that will bring your website to the top of the search results. People tend to search for the first result rather than searching for additional information on the next pages. This is a new idea that requires less investment in the advertising process. BYJU’S uses SEO to promote their businesses as an added benefit. SEO optimization can be used to help Ed-Tech businesses generate leads during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is based on promoting their companies. Expertise is required to generate the right keywords for your website. To increase their keyword index, everyone uses the same strategy. The Keyword Ranking Index can be used to identify the search query made by users in Google to find the requested contents.

Reaching out and educating learners

Einstein once said that “If you cannot explain a six year old’s concept, there is no point in learning.” Although it may seem contradictory, this statement is still relevant. This information is applicable to all business communities. The main source of sales for most Ed-Tech start-ups is the customer percentage. This is a crucial task as it will help increase learner enrolment. BYJU’S promotional strategies are a key reason why it is so popular. The official BYJU website is interactive, user-friendly, dynamic and easy to navigate. The website provides information about the classes and facilities as well as other useful information. A website is important for many reasons. The most important reason being that it helps your brand reach more people and gives you an online presence. It is important to describe the product accurately as buyers will be influenced by it.

This solution-based approach to marketing will help the company avoid falling in the market. It is difficult to create a solution-based approach because of the many educational issues in the country. It is difficult to choose the right topic for each learner. Creating a solution that is easier to access and more affordable is another challenge. The solution-based content should be easy to understand and written in a language that is accessible to everyone. These results leave a lasting impression on readers and encourage them to contact companies. BYJU’S is a great example of this. It has a targeted audience of school children and targets all its content, lessons and services to this target-group.



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